Hibiscus Hair Oil – 200ml


Makes your hair look healthy and lustrous. . Conditions against dryness, frizz and breakage.

  • Adds volume
  • Prevent split ends
  • Prevent dry scalp
  • Grow your hair




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Hibiscus Oil is known for its ability to strengthen thin hair, promote hair growth, and prevent hair loss. Hibiscus Oil replenishes the scalp’s natural oils and revitalizes the hair. The antioxidants in Hibiscus Oil support natural keratin, making the hair stronger and smoother. The hibiscus oil is additionally used in hair care as a preparation Applying Hibiscus Oil regularly will promote blood flow in the scalp and trigger hair growth. Meanwhile, the antibacterial properties in the oil help combat bacterial and fungal infections.

Hibiscus oil nourishes the root of the hair and helps reduce hair fall. it controls dandruff while preventing split ends and dryness. The natural protein in Hibiscus promotes hair growth and hibiscus reduces hair fall while providing deep conditioning. Hibiscus oil (Gudhal oil) is extracted from the flowers of the hibiscus Plant. hibiscus oil is a bright summery, exotic plant that has uses in medicine, beauty and hair care.100 % pure natural  unrefined cold pressed .Hibiscus flower stimulates hair growth from dormant follicles. This helps thicken your hair and add volume. Hibiscus oil is one of the most anti-aging oils. Light, fast and easy absorption and also one of the best anti-wrinkle anti-wrinkle oils. 100% pure without additives.



Apply Hibiscus Oil to your scalp and hair massage well. Leave for 30 minutes before rinsing.

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Hibiscus Hair Oil – 200ml

Availability: 2 in stock