Indigo Powder


Natural hair dye conditions hair Indigo leaves powder traditionally used with pure henna as a hair dye to create brown hair to black colour .It deep conditions the hair and makes itcsoft and silky.indigo leaves powder is made out of leaflets and branches of indigo herb.It is further used in herbal based hair dyes as i6 contains deep colouring properties. This powder is 100% pure Indigo without any added artificial additives.

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Indigo powder prevents premature greying of hair, soothes the scalp, treats dandruff, and conditions hair. A single solution for colouring, conditioning and boosting overall hair health. Indigo is a natural dye that has been used for centuries without any side effects. It’s a perfect alternative to chemical dyes that are harmful to health. Mix it with herbal henna to get an amazing shade, soft and silky hair. Indigo powder also provides a remedy for premature greying. Regular use not only prevents but is also known to reverse the process of premature greying. It is an amazing herbal ingredient that stimulates hair growth. Helps combat scalp infection and itchy scalp when used regularly. Indigo powder is a well-known remedy for dandruff. This herb conditions, softens, and repairs brittle hair without robbing it of its natural moisture. Indigo powder is the ideal solution for several hair woes.


Chemical Free Black dye

Step 1: prepare thick henna paste with hot water and apply it to hair for 40-45 minutes,Step 2- Wash with water then towel dry the hairs.Step 3- Now apply indigo paste on freshly henna dyed red hair,Step 4- Leave it for 40-45 minutes to get rich black color or 1-2 hours for stubborn grey.Step 5- Wash off hair thoroughly with water or a mild shampoo.


Chemical Free Brown Dye

Step 1: Mix 2 cup of indigo powder with ½ cup of henna powder in a desired quantity of hot water to form a thick paste.

Step 2- Apply the paste by using applicator brush with gloves covered hand.

Step 3- Leave it for 40-45 minutes to get dark brown colour. For best results, may keep it for 1-2 hours.

Step 4- Wash off hair thoroughly under tap running water.

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