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Kuppaimeni (Nettle leaf) . Traditionally kuppaimeni is used to get rid of unwanted hair growth, for treating skin problems like pimples, psoriasis and eczema.. Kuppaimeni has both amazing anti bacterial and anti fungal properties making it one of the best ingredients to use for skin care. Nettle leaf, also called Stinging Nettle and kuppaimeni in Tamil is popular all over the world. This organic nettle leaf powder is a cure for various ailments and diseases. Nettle leaf is packed with many Vitamins and astringent properties which aids in healing skin rashes, eczema, chicken pox etc … It can also effectively fight acne outbreaks without leaving any scarring or blemishes. Its anti-inflammatory properties can be used to treat skin burns and minor rashes. On a regular application, it helps to remove unwanted facial hair and gives the skin a radiant look.



To get rid of unwanted hair, make a pack by mixing 1 teaspoon of nettle leaf powder, Kasthuri manjal and besan powder with raw milk. Apply the paste on your skin and scrub it off using circular motion after 20 mins. Try this twice in a week.


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Order for ₹999/- to get ₹200/- OFF on favourite products. Use Code "SAVE20"